Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

Astron Locksmith Best Rated Superlative and 24/7 Service for Small to Medium size Commercial Properties

Astron Locksmith is an impeccable commercial locksmith service which has been trusted by thousands of renowned industrial set ups. Over innovative technical installation approach and highly prompted satisfied service has made us the leading security lock up appliances and accessories facilitator in Sydney. Let’s highlight some vital facts regarding our highly sophisticated commercial locksmith service.

1. Service

  1. Astron Locksmith is the best name to provide a wide range of distinguished lock ups with the most effective security locks and accessories in the local areas of Sydney. Our technicians have given a tremendously dedicated scientific though process to vital security concerns with quality installations.
  2. Rekey:-We rekey your lock barrels so that old keys will not open your precious Property with any old key.
  3. We run an extended network of our commercial locksmith service with a tremendous customer support and all products guarantee.


2. Special products

We offer a large number of special commercial products which are dedicated to specific industrial set ups. We use locks and accessories which are fully insurance approved and fire-rated.

  • Main Entrance Locks
  • Access control modern lock
  • Mechanical or Electronic push baton Locks
  • Emergency Exit locks and Panic Exit Devices
  • Sliding aluminum glass door locks
  • Door Closers
  • Lockable Patio bolts
  • Documents and cash boxes
  • And many more are make the most sought out commercial security locks in every planned business domicile.

3. 24 x 7 Lockouts and Emergency Repairs

Astron commercial locksmith service enables you to find best comprehensive sudden lock out measures with proper repairs, rekeying and replacement of lost keys or damaged locks. Our technicians understand your safety needs and ensure the installation of best suited products after a proper consultation and having a thorough screening of your commercial property.

4. Safety measures:

  1. Restricted Key Systems:-We offer fully registered restricted keying systems with the use of most sophisticated cylinders like Kaba “T” Expert, IP7 etc.
  2. Lock Brands: We integrate the best brands of locks and accessories like Lockwood, Kaba, Carbine, Jackson, Gainsborough ADI etc.

Astron commercial locksmith service provides the best rated products with all security guides under your suited budget. Call our experts today at 02 9759 8595 or 0425 200 496 and have a splendid consultation with every unique gratification.